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“Good design is obvious. Great design
is transparent.”

– Joe Sparano


Welcome to Gogan Design. A branding, graphic, and web design freelance specialist based in Olympia, Washington.


I enjoy providing my clients with highly creative, professional design that gets attention. My work encompasses everything from print material to online solutions. I believe each client is unique, and has their own story. Whether I'm producing a website, an identity logo, or designing business collateral, I strive to enable my clients to feel confident, and excited about how they look to the world.


When working with businesses of any size, my goal is to promote my client's reputation with their customers, increase bottom-line business results, and make the branding part of it easy, fun and collaborative. It's a great pleasure to be involved in establishing a new identity, or updating an existing company's identity.


Please have a browse through my work and get in touch if you have any questions.  

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